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Spectral Audio has been Overture’s “Reference” in high-end audio electronics for more than two decades. Now, as we begin our third decade of creating music systems for discerning music enthusiasts, we are pleased to report that today’s Spectral components continue to lead the way and set the “standard” in the High-End audio industry. Spectral’s “no compromise” technology, and instrumentation build quality are simply unequaled in the audio industry. The result is a level of musical playback that is unmatched by “conventional” designs.

Overture is proud to have been one of the first Spectral dealers authorized to represent the incomparable “Reference Standard” series. When you visit Overture you can experience the complete selection of Spectral components, with the world’s finest associated equipment.

Our expertise in creating an all-new Spectral system, upgrading an existing Spectral system, or showing you the correct way to get started with a Spectral system is unsurpassed.

If you are interested in purchasing Spectral Audio products, you can trade-in any electronic component or speaker brand on them by filling out our Trade-In Form.

Spectral Audio

Spectral SDR-4000SV Reference CD Processor

NEW! Reference CD Processor


We take trade-ins on this product. Request Trade-in Price.

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