What is it about music?

More than any other type of sound, more than any other artform, music has the power to move us. Whether it’s the lyrics of a cherished love song, the rousing chorus of a party anthem, the pounding rhythm of a tribal drum or the plaintive wail of a solo saxophone, music captures, triggers and transforms our moods and emotions like nothing else. It transcends time, culture and language. It revs us up, calms us down, inspires us, relaxes us.

At GamuT, we’re here for your music. To move and be moved. Whatever floats your boat, hits your spot or soothes your spirit – we’ll pour our heart and soul into making it come alive for you.

If you are interested in purchasing a GamuT component, you can trade-in any electronic component or speaker brand toward a GamuT component by filling out our Trade-In Form.

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GamuT D4i

Dual Mono Preamplifier


We take trade-ins on this product. Request Trade-in Price.

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