For many years, Rega has been recognized for their outstanding Planar Series of turntables and for producing electronics that have come to define the performance of mid-value hi-fi. Rega’s design philosophy of producing high-quality products, at sensible prices, has extended into Rega's new reference CD player with advanced components that allow total control and accuracy over motor vibration and speed performance. As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to include Rega as one of our featured component manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing Rega component, you can trade-in any turntable, speaker, or electronic component toward a Rega component by filling out our Trade-In Form.


Rega 78

The RB78 is a general purpose mono cartridge designed to play most 78 rpm records.


Sales price: $165.00

Rega Bias 2

The Rega Bias has a conventional 0.5" center distance and two hole mounting and will therefore fit all standard tonearms.


Sales price: $165.00

Rega Elys 2


Sales price: $295.00

Rega Exact 2


Sales price: $595.00

Rega Ania

Moving coil cartridge.


Sales price: $795.00
Sales price: $1,895.00

Rega Aphelion


Sales price: $4,995.00

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